U Tin Kyaw Than

U Tin Kyaw Than

M.Sc. (Geology), F.G.A (London)

Principal (GSC Jewellery Training Center)

-Ph: 09-5002581, 09-972610971

-Worked as a lecturer and an assistant professor at Geology Department, Yangon University of arts and science from 1971 to 1989


-Founded GSC (Geological Science Center) in 1994 and has been working as the principal ever since.

-Volunteering as a guest lecturer in free-classes organized and conducted by the Association of

-Has produced 74 F.G.A graduates: 15 foreigners and 59 locals, from GSC

-Lives at No. (9) Aung Yadanar Housing Complex, Thinkankyun Township Yangon

And today he will be leading a discussion on “How to differentiate between real and imitated gems, and the labs”.