U Maung Maung

U Maung Maung, M.D

Technology and Development of Loose Stones in Domestic Regions,

Moe Yadanar Moe Gems and Jewelry Company Limited (Mandalay).

CEO of Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneurs Association.

Managing Director of Moe Yadanar Moe Gems and Jewelry Company Limited.


Since 1983, he started his business in Mandalay by processing uncut jadeite jades into gem stones and exported them to China. He has accomplished
- Excavation and Trading of jades from Hkamti Jade Mine in Sagaing Region in 1985.
- Excavation and Trading of jades from Hpakan region from 1986 to 1988.
- Cooperation with Science and Technology Department of WanDing in Yunnan Province in opening of WanDing Xin Hua jade sales center from 1988 to 1992.
- Legal production of Loose Jadeite Stones after being granted with official license from Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Enterprise of Ministry of Mines (Myanmar) since 1992.
- Construction of workshop for Loose Jadeite Stones and Jewelry Sales in the Veterans Organization, San Chaung Township in Yangon and Sin Phyu Market in Muse, Shan State.
- Conducting the training courses of jade sculpturing and loose jadeite stones processing to fellow citizens by inviting Jade Sculpturing Experts from China from 1994 to 2007.
- Sending off his employees as scholars to learn the loose jadeite stones processing in the Foshan Special Economic Zone, Guangzhou Province and Ruili-Dehong Special Economic Zone, Yunnan Province from 2006 to 2011.
Since 2006, his company “Moe Yadanar Moe” has been granted for legal excavation and production gems and jades from “MaNa” mine in Hpakan region, Kachin State. Furthermore, in order to develop the society of Myanma Loose Jadeite Stones Enterprise and to share the technical advice, CNC technology based Jade Sculpturing Machines are not only used in his industry but also imported from China since 2012.
As the CEO of MGJEA, he is carrying out
- the implementation of legislation for the standards of raw gems and loose stones
- the successful importation of qualified Myanma Loose Stones to global markets
- the up-to-date development of Myanma Loose Stones production technologies
Currently, he is living in No.902, Thida Aye quarter, 78th street between ThiekPan Road and Sagaing Road Branch, Chan Aye Thar San Township, Mandalay. His contact number is +9595136336.
Based on his lifetime experiences, he will deliver a talk about “Technology and Development of Loose Stones in Domestic Regions” in the upcoming Exhibition Event.

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