Richard Li






Richard Li

Member of Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Director of the GIA Taiwan Alumnus Association, Gemological Institute of America

General Manager of the Jurassic Color Diamond

Chief Auctioneer of the Collectibles Auction



A gem variation composed by music.

資深寶石學家李承倫 Richard Li自小受私塾與正規音樂教育,擁有美國亞利桑那州立大學音樂碩士,同時間因熱愛寶石,被各種寶石的純粹美麗深深吸引,7歲開始玩賞寶石,13歲時在台北建國玉市擺設攤位賣琥珀、水晶,18歲時創立以寶石銷售為主的珠寶公司,並在台北市忠孝東路開店,因受藝術薰陶,在挑選商品的視野有別一般寶石公司,在這10年期間顧客絡繹不絕,為李承倫先生打下深厚的買賣與經營基礎。

Richard Li, a senior gemmologist, accepted the formal music education in States, and obtained the music master degree of Arizona State University (ASU). He loved gem fervently and was deeply attracted by various pure and beautiful gems, He started appreciating gems from 7 years old, set a stall to sell ambers and crystals at Taipei Jian-quo Jade Market at his age of 13, and not until 18, should he establish a jewelry company specialized in gem sales, as well as a jewelry shop at Chung Xiao East Road (Taipei City). Richard has been irradiated by art for a long period, thus, his eyesight to pick up merchandise differs from other gem companies. Within the recent 10 years, Rechard’s customers go to and fro in constant streams that has set up a deep foundation for Mr. Richard Li’s business and operation.


He made great effort to learn piano and cello at university, and used to be a music teacher and a musician performed at presidential state banquet. During the studying period, he completed the GIA Academy’s accreditation course. For greatly loving music and gem, he particularly chose Arizona State (rich in minerals) as the place to study abroad. On and off, he served as translator at various exhibitions in States, and became acquainted with mine owners from America and all over the world; at this period of time, he established a friendly connection with lots of owners.

1999年返台後便成立侏羅紀彩色鑽石,李先生除了是專業的寶石鑑定師外,多年來周遊列國深入50多個國家礦區,一年有半載的時間深入礦區第一現場,早已是名符其實的「Gem Hunter」,更曾受邀參訪知名哥倫比亞Muzo礦區,時至今日,培養出良好的信譽與廣泛的珠寶業人脈網絡。

In 1999, he returned to Taiwan and established the Jurassic Color Diamond. In addition to a professional gemologist, Richard has been traveling around for many years, entering more than 50 countries’ mining area. Each year, he spent half a year of the time to visit the mining jobsite (the first scene), consequently, the nickname of “Gem Hunter” spread far and wide; even the famous Muzo in Colombia has ever invited him to pay a visit. To date, his good reputation has cultivated a firmly personal connection in the field of jewelry.


Living in the gem world for 3 decades, he lively traveled to various mining areas worldwide, international auctions, and identification offices; relying on the capability to control gems’ current prices and invested value precisely, he established the Collectibles Auction in 2011 that has become a famous auction in the Asia-Pacific region now to provide quality jewelry for gem collectors. In 2017, he established the Jurassic Museum in Taiwan, displaying tens of thousand gems in this precious stone, art, and culture museum which included the professional gem identification center, painting and sculpture area, magnificent jewelry collection room, antique jewelry rarely seen, green-ore and fossil showroom, particularly, a workshop to cut and grind gems that the first-hand precious stone buying from mining area could be immediately cutting and grinding within the shortest process and time, then, offering the quality and inexpensive jewelry to global collectors.